Learn the harp

The South American harp and music can be learnt at any age.

Learn to play the Paraguayan harp simply and with a deeper understanding with Daniela Lorenz.

Latin American harp music impresses listeners with its virtuosity, dynamic rhythms and stirring melodies. Since harp music in Latin America is traditionally played by ear and learnt without notes, you don’t need any prior knowledge of notes or music. Video lessons therefore are an ideal modern method to learn this music. You can view and repeat the lessons as often as you like, which also allows you to progress at your own pace.

Daniela Lorenza has developed the ®Dalora teaching method, guaranteeing a carefree, joyful and sustainable learning experience, and the ability to play simple pieces quickly.

This free and non-binding trial lesson will answer all your questions about the instrument, the music, the course content, or technical requirements and allow you to get to know each other personally – booking is definitely worth it!

The online video course

Module 1 of the course is ideal for beginners and for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of their Paraguayan harp. It contains 21 lessons (and 12 harp pieces) and flows seamlessly into Module 2 (currently with 5 lessons, with more in progress). Overview of course contents

The videos have been carefully constructed from a didactic and methodological point of view to teach the correct posture and technique to learn to play the Paraguayan harp from scratch. From solid foundations, the learners progress in small and efficient steps to master the technique of Latin American harp music, with its virtuosity and rhythmical demands.

In the first video, Daniela teaches the first position (hand placement), basic accompaniments for regular and irregular time stamps, a simple arpeggio, melodies in octaves, parallel and oppositive movements of the hands, musical patterns, syncopes, and bass runs. Here for the video course for Latin American harp

Private harp lessons

Daniela Lorenz also offers private harp lessons via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. These lessons are tailored to the individual student, and are particularly suited to more advance levels. Upon request, Daniela can pre-record the individual harp lesson and provide this to the learner at no additional cost via WeTransfer.

Here too, it is worthwhile to try a free and non-binding trial lesson.

Languages available: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, English.

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Technical requirements

For the online video course or private harp lessons, you will need the following:
– A harp (ideally, Paraguayan) tuned to F-major
– A comfortable viewing option while seated at the harp (e.g., laptop, tablet, HDMI connection with the television)
– For private lessons, access to Zoom or other video calling software
– For the online video course, an account with Elopage, which hosts the complete course. Elopage also process the payment (ideally with card payment) and handle the bookkeeping. Elopage is hosted in Germany and guarantees the highest data security provisions.

Because the Paraguayan harp is played on the fingernails, slightly longer fingernails would be an advantage (2mm would be enough) – this is not an absolute requirement, however.

A glimpse into a harp workshop with Daniela Lorenz