Latin American Harp Music

Welcome to my website and to the world of a special harp music.


With my heart and soul, I will show you the immense sonic landscape of the Paraguayan harp, wake desires and dreams, and produce an almost tangible atmosphere.
This special harp has a unique sound. Its music, with interwoven and very vivid rhythms and touching melodies, fascinates audiences all over the world.
Thanks to its fiery temperament, its tranquil passion, and brilliant virtuosity, Latin American harp music is exceptionally rich and multifaceted. It is not only suitable for public concerts but especially as a musical highlight or setting for private parties, company events, exhibitions, ceremonies or any kind of festive occasion – whenever you want to enjoy a noble, festive and nevertheless exotic atmosphere.


Stirringly beautiful – dynamic with virtuosity – unforgettably touching



Paraguayan Harp


The Paraguayan harp is my favourite type of harp. From a structural and technical point of view, it is the most mature Latin American harp. It is made from the light-weighted wood of the Paraguayan cedar and strung with 37 nylon strings played with fingernails. This gives it a brilliant, clear and at the same time warm sound. The baroque harps introduced into the New World by European missionaries from the end of the 16th to the 18th century (known as Arpa Colonial and Arpa Misional) have become an important part of today’s musical and cultural identity in Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and the Andean states.

My new Album


The production of this album was motivated by the desire of a renowned fan. He wanted a record that showcases legendary pieces of South American music: For example the song Anahí, which he learned in school as a child in Argentina - interpreted and arranged by me and for my harp as the main instrument. And so I was able to indulge my passion of arrangement and gave the songs Orfeu Negro, Anahí, Alfonsina y el Mar, Por una Cabeza, Lejanía, and Asunción a classic folklore character.
The combination of the Paraguayan harp with two violins and a cello is done here for the first time, rendering this recording quite unique. In other pieces, I added the bandoneon, flutes, charango, ukulele and percussion instruments - depending on the character and identity of the music.