Here, I had the honour of being allowed to play on a Naderman harp (built in 1792!) - its sound being surprisingly similar to that of the Paraguayan harp.

 About me


Until I was 12 years old, I grew up in a Swiss mountain village and, after travels to Spain, I was still only a child when I first experienced South American music. In my youth, I played the Charango (a kind of small guitar from Peru/Bolivia) and the Quena (a flute from Peru/Bolivia) in Andean bands. For 4 years, I studied at the rhythmics department of the Zurich conservatory and combined my training as a music teacher with learning to play the Paraguayan harp. Having finished my studies, I deepened my knowledge of the harp with various South American harpists in Switzerland, Paraguay and Spain. My most significant teachers were Marcelino Benitez and Nicolás Caballero.

Apart from frequent performances and concerts at home and abroad, I compose and arrange pieces for the diatonic harp, for various music ensembles, solo vocals, and chorus. As well as solo programs, I work with different instrumental and vocal groups and I often work with them in concert performances.

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Since 1992, I produced various records in-house and, among others, for Swiss radio. That is how the DRS 1 Advent Calendar 2005 (music booklet & CD) was made, for which I arranged some Latin American Christmas carols for chorus and harp and accompanied our European Christmas carols with my harp. The attractive and culturally superior ‘Advent Calendar’ was a gift the Swiss radio gave to the Swiss people and limited to Christmas 2005.
In 2012, I managed the overall concept for the Christmas CD with the Swiss Guard which displays a unique combination of wind quintette and South American harp. An elegant booklet gives insight into the life of the Papal Swiss Guard as well as background information on international Christmas melodies.
In 2014, I recorded my first album with just my own compositions for diatonic harp. The music on Eterno is an amalgamation of my own occidental musical identity and the charm and character of South American harp music.
With Orfeu, a CD produced in 2017, I managed to ‘ring in’ a ‘new age’ for use of the harp in Latin American music. By combining strings with the diatonic harp, I could, for the first time, also play chromatic pieces with modulating keys. Arranging famous songs for groups of 2 violins, 1 violoncello, and 1 Paraguayan harp created a unique classical folk music identity which is meeting with widespread interest throghout Latin America and worldwide.
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