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The Concert – a Lasting Impression

The great variety and vivacious temperament of Latin American music, its touching melodies and fiery rhythms guarantee a unique concert experience.

I will guide you through the program with short and interesting explanations and give my audience an insight into the musical and cultural background of this fascinating music.

If desired, I can expand my solo harp program with an instrumental group, vocals, or a string trio.

When suitable facilities are available, I like to accompany my performance by a projection of atmospheric and interesting pictures.

Music for Your Banquet
Top your gala dinner with a 30-50 minutes harp recital between main course and dessert and give your celebration an unforgettable musical touch.
If you have more than 2 courses, you might like additional 10-20 minute interludes between the courses.

A Concert - Just for You and Your Guests
Celebrate your event in a very special way by inviting your guests to an exclusive and private 50-70 minutes concert in a church or inn of your choice.
Afterwards, many customers like to end their celebration with an aperitif or coffee and cake, or they move on to their next event like e.g. a gala dinner, a boat trip, etc.

A Musical Setting for Your Event
Awards or diploma ceremonies, presentations or other gatherings - these occasions can be made more enjoyable if interesting speeches are interspersed and complemented by musical interludes.
It is a proven fact that listening to music has a positive effect on the listeners’ attention and concentration and enhances their receptiveness.

Music for Your Ceremony
People have often accompanied their rites and ceremonies with music - music is the direct way into the heart and the access to emotions.
I will be happy to advise you on musical options especially tailored and adapted to your ceremony.

Christmas Harp Music
Especially at Christmas time, the harp is very popular. If desired, I am happy to add some European Christmas melodies and carols to my Latin American repertoire – to people like to sing along!

Background Music
Last but not least:
The background sound of my harp will give your elegant dinner party a festive and sophisticated musical atmosphere.

“It lies in the nature of music to bring joy.”
Aristoteles, (384-322 BC), Greek philosopher