Learn to Play the Harp


I can arrange workshops, courses, or private lessons, where I would be happy to teach you how to play the Paraguayan harp.
Thanks to modern technologies, I can offer private lessons like this via Skype - large geographical distances are luckily no longer an obstacle to the enjoyment of professional lessons on this special harp and its proper playing technique.
As traditional Latin American harp music is only passed on orally to this day, I have designed a special method and helpful concepts that allow you to learn the harp without even being able to read sheet music.

You would be welcome to arrange a trial lesson with me.

My teaching languages are: German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.





To have an exciting, interesting and multifaceted repertoire for my Paraguayan diatonic harp. I have arranged many Latin American songs for it, as most of the melodies also known in Europe were originally composed for other instrumental groups but not for the harp.
Various scores, including my own compositions, will soon be available in my shop.